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Student Leadership Program Certification

June 5, 2011


Student Leadership Program certificate of accomplishment

Earlier this week, I completed the Student Leadership Program at the University of Waterloo. Offered by Organizational & Human Development (OHD), the program abets its participants in strengthening their leadership competencies over the course of twelve workshops:

  • Exploring the Principles of Leadership
  • Authenticity & Leadership – Understanding Yourself and Others with PD® (Personality Dimensions®)
  • Global Intelligence
  • New to a Team – Components of a Cohesive Team
  • Communication and Leadership Styles
  • Presentation Skills – How to Express Yourself in Leadership and Followship
  • Conflict Management Exploration
  • Planning and Running an Effective Team Meeting
  • Motivating Others and Building on Your Group’s Diversity
  • Perspectives – Unleashing Your Creative Potential
  • Building Your Credibility as a Student Leader
  • Sustainability and Succession Planning for Leadership Transitions

I enjoyed these seminars for a number of reasons: First, the workshops were extremely interactive, requiring my constant participation with fellow attendees and the facilitators. Second, different experiences and vantage points were shared in an extremely cordial and nonjudgmental atmosphere. Third, OHD provided interesting reading materials on leadership to follow up on. Fourth, the program provided me with an opportunity to befriend interesting students from other faculties and departments.

I believe that seminars covering a cornucopia of leadership concepts do not necessarily suffice for one to successfully manage a group of people. With that being said, the workshops helped provide me with interesting ideas and concepts to chew on and apply in real-life leadership situations.

On a related note: if leadership in the public sector is an area of interest to you, then I suggest that you check out the federal public-service leadership course offered by the Department of Drama and Speech of Communication; I personally loved it!


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